5/1/16 455 am

We have come at last! So excited are we to share with you. Our closest of relatives. Humans don’t see rats for their full spectrum of intelligence, of personal responsibility, of being in totality of existence. We have been on and in this planet from the beginning. We known how to survive, how to love and live, how to become, transform. We are resilient without losing our compassionate ability.

We ask you to begin to work on yourself. That you see the necessity of pushing yourself farther. So that you may know the full pulse of a body armed against treason. There will be many revelations coming. We are very much in the beginning stages. Not everyone is ready yet. All of us rats have been preparing perpetually. We know who we are, do you? Are you afraid to see the truth? Hiding from yourself is impossible. Instead a cavern is created, filled with worries and feelings of inadequacy, of “not good enough”. Why do we bother with this? We do not do this to ourselves or each other. Strength resonates from within. Size is an illusion of the very physical ego mind.

My what a beautiful dawn is breaking. Can you see the beautiful multicolored sky? Beckoning and calling to us from the recesses of the underbelly of society. We are so much more than anything we can imagine through limited perspective. As a rat, I can see the world from any vantage I choose and I choose to be below, tucked into the womb of Gaia. I choose to be sneaky, not to fool or mislead others, but rather so that I may move unnoticed and unmolested through life. Displaying a courage and power silent from within.

Where is your power humans? Have you given it away in order to earn a false place in the public eye. A false pride and sense of balance comes from these delusions. We ask you to step up humans. Be who you really are – do you know what that is? So powerful yet so unconscious. Drop the belief you can’t in any capacity. You can wonderful friends, and we will always be here to assist you.

We love you our oldest friend, love, the Rats