3/17/16 517 am

We have arrived! We are Scorpion! We are a prehistoric miracle! An intelligent order, a family, a clan, a grouping. So many ways to to confuse you humans! We come to you today to warn you about the illusion of separation and the cruelty of disconnection.

Us Scorpions are very proud to be us. We know who we are as a cosmic speck in the great macrocosm of life. We do not spend our time in worry or in dissolution about our purpose here. So much effort and emotional upheaval occurs when we are disconnected from our responsibilities as a species. Of course humans are confused, your collective soul’s purpose has become muddled – watered down. Diluted by a loss of face, a corrupted trust, replaced with paranoia, fear and isolation. Why, anyone would be scared driving in the dark without headlights!

We Scorpions care immensely for you humans. You have been so separated from the natural world that your collective reaction towards us is usually irrational and fearful. We are stripped of our knowledge and immense wisdom by your lack of compassion and understanding. The more humans begin to disconnect from the maya of the situation – that which has purposefully misled – the more we will see rapid growth and transformed days on the surface of the planet.

We see great things coming humans! Fantastic, awe inducing feelings, colors, sounds and states of being. Do not continue to cling to aspects of the old which hinder and inhibit the new. We promise humans that if you trust more, things will get better much more quickly. There is so much to do and us Scorpions are here to help in any way we can. We sit in anticipation for the unknown – things are getting better but humans must consciously begin to reconnect with themselves and each other.

We ask you to realize the strength that can be contained in small ideas, small emotions, small feelings and events. Not everything will reveal itself to you in an obvious or apparent way. We must look deeper, connect more authentically, trusting our inner knowing always.

Thank you dear one. We are Scorpion, we love you.