3/12/16 519 am

With so much joy I come and contact you now! I know you had felt my energy come to you before in moments of emotional weight – grief, anger, depression in desperation. Fly with me now, gliding effortlessly small and fragile in the wind, resilient and ever floating on. Can you lighten up a little? Life is meant to be fun but often we build walls to our joy in the name of “safety” and protection.

Us Seagulls want to see you release the weight of the world from your back. We see humans walking around every day carrying mountains of old shit on their backs and shoulders! No wonder everyone is emotionally imbalanced! We can see the old pain, the unresolved questions, the disappointments, the shame – oh the shame makes us very sad. With all this heavy emotional weight, you humans end up crushing the lightness of your souls. You cannot soar with us with so much burdens attached to you.

You can be free! It only requires the desire to be so and the will to change. To say to yourself that you are moving forward, and leaving the rest behind. We see how you humans enable fear to control you, on a conscious but mainly unconscious level. When you do this your life becomes restrictive, unimaginative, joyless and long. We cannot force you to see yourself accurately. We can only urge you to begin to release the past and the inhibiting beliefs. Move into the present and begin to understand that the only emotions and behaviors and reactions, you can or should control, are those in the present. The past is long gone, the future is but a whisper in the wind. Ride the breeze in this now. Trust its strength and direction. Trust that everything in this now is a reflection of the totality of you, trust yourself, first, always.

I love you dearly and we thank you for listening this morning.

Be joyful, Seagull