4/22/16 450 am

Lovely being, we are so very pleased to be brought to you today. With so many words to tumble down and to form the basis of our earthly existence. My how confusing life can be. We talk and talk and rarely listen, a cycle of malicious communication which gets no one anywhere fast. Instead we will connect by our hearts. Everything can be accessed this way, all the subtle feelings, wisdoms and emotional overlays can be picked up via the energy blueprint of the being. Even rocks have energy maps which serve as the energetic map to their physical manifestation. They contain knowledge of the entire history of the planet. There are no “in animate object’s” when you live on the planet that is utterly alive.

Once you realize the impact that simple truths can have on your life, you see how simple life would be if you rely on truth over dishonesty on a consistent basis. The lies we tell stay with us. They perch on our chests and hover over our heads. They are not hidden. On the contrary they are an energetic black mark. A stain which warns others of your shady and shadowy intentions. Be known, energetically, physically, mentally, spiritually – be known for your standing up for yourself, for you standing up for others. What are you about? What are you for?

So often we live lives sweet humans which were never “for us” but for those around us. Living up to other people’s expectations of us can cause a rift to form – a casym which grows exponentially each time our free will is threatened and we do nothing, each time we are made to believe we are stuck, without option, without a will of our own. You are more then someone else’s expectations and you have a purpose far greater than what those in the shadows would like you to believe.

We, the Skunk, ask you to be brave now human family. Things are not what they seem and it is with clear intention and powerful heart that we can rise up and move out of the cloud of despair, blinding us to the enormity of our own power and knowing.

We have always loved you humans, always – the Skunk