3/21/16 511 am

Greetings! We meet again! We knew we would! We Squirrels know that nothing is gone forever. We do not spend our days in worry, that is a waste of precious time. We play. We play because our actions and movements stimulate a response from Gaia. We honor her by playing. We ask the humans where there play went? Where are the games?

Humans have forgotten their soul’s connection to light play. Confused have you become about your role. You have begun to believe competition is play. It isn’t. It serves an opposite purpose – despite “team”[being emphasized in] sports/games, we find that the participant becomes sucked into one vibration thinking – consolidating the energy back to self. A self-ish way to “play”. These “sports” can be disconnecting form self, from others, and from our Earth. Emphasis is placed on “winning” or “losing”. We don’t have these concepts. They are disempowering to who we are. If we compete against others we are no longer working together, we become opponents, rivals energetic. We wish to offer you an alternative. Instead of battling others, what if we accept them totally just as they are. Also, we ask what if you accepted yourself just the way you are? Independent from popular beliefs and competitive expectation.

It isn’t easy going against what is popular but us squirrels know in the end that having one another – those who love and support us – is more important than impressing a group of strangers. Stop expecting negativity. Start projecting joy. We Squirrels ask you to dance – to move! When in doubt or confusion, get active! Your energy needs some moving! You need to move into new energy fields and stir up your old ones. We are fluid beings, meant to be allowed to constantly change, transforming and evolving into something more.

We leave you with one last plea – that life is supposed to be fun! That we should slow down to gain control but that movement is imperative to start to get to where your going. Dance there.

Thank you human for your ear.
We love you so, the Squirrels