The Feminine Energy of Grace

Let us celebrate the feminine energy in ALL of us – male or female.

published January 2014

What wonderful days to be alive.  Yes, they are tumultuous, scary at times, NEW, changing constantly – but to be here on this planet at this moment is an honor.  So much so, that as of late I have been contemplating the immense sacredness of our journeys – of our individual lessons, of conquering an anger which lies deeply embedded across all of our connected psyches.

Growing up within the Western world, we have been inundated with visions, demands, commands and expectations of who we should “be” – what energy we should embody & with what grace we should expend to get there (squat).  Rather than service to others, service to the agenda has been promoted, creating whole generations of apathetic, lost & dependent little children.  I never understood why people hated getting older so much – especially women.  I look at the native cultures of our world and so many of them revere the grandmothers as the most wise, the leader, the final say.  What happened along the way to deform this notion?

Growing up with tits and an ass meant that you adhere to the cycles of “doing female” within the Western world.  As a female child it is expected that she take on the role of sweet, innocent and vulnerable. This progresses (disgustingly rapidly now a days) into a pre-teen hyper sexualized Lolita-esque role where the child learns to use sexual manipulation to get what she thinks she needs or wants.  Teen years come and this same role is propagated to the extreme and while the girl ages into an adult and takes on new roles such as mother hood she is still expected to project the same diminutive sexual-object energy.  Once the woman matures out of her sexual prowess she is discarded like useless garbage on the rag heap.  There is no power in this cycle – it is completely devoid of grace, love, tranquility and respect – both for SELF and for OTHERS.  Don’t we constantly see women vilify other women?  Women who take on these yang driven, egocentric roles and then either find those like them to be disgusting or condemn those who are not like them out of spite?

In mirroring fashion we see the boy child subjected to the same fate – just a different road to get there.  When he is small he is taught to discard his feminine energy – his love for cuddly animals, the way he listens and cares for others, his softness and nurturing qualities – to be replaced by hardness, coldness and the ego’s elitism.    As he grows he is expected to remain hard, this hardness funneled into aggressive competitions & angry past times.  He is encouraged to let his heart dry up, encouraged in his own way to become sexually promiscuous and give away his own power by creating toxic energy with strange females he does not love and would never respect.  He grows into a man who never was allowed to connect with his feminine energy, and even worse, a man who was taught to feel shame for wanting to do so.  This type of man will be cemented into the yang mentality and will help to further the agenda which raised him to do so.

Of course, we always have the fringe dwellers that do not adhere to these propagated western stereotypes (thank the god-force!), but many of us had to first claw our way out of the middle of these manipulations before getting to that edge.  Simply growing up surrounded by this type of energy will alter your psyche – it is time we said enough in unison.  Can you imagine if women came together out of love and instead of catty remarks, jealousy and an urge to “be like the guys” we instead embraced the sacred feminine energy within us all? THIS is power.  THIS is what has been stripped from us in this covert war on our souls.  I do not stand here today absolved from these sabotaging energies and manipulation techniques, on the contrary I instead shed light on the struggles I too am dealing with in hopes that we all acknowledge whatever it is which holds us back within ourselves.

Women and men have a natural energy cycle which has been dwarfed by the larger agendas vision of what a man and a woman should be – how best they can serve the agenda to their own destruction.  In the western world women are sexual subjects and nothing more – with the creation of the “MILF” we see the woman robbed of her natural progression into a nurturing mother figure.  She is not allowed to PROGRESS; instead she is kept in that sexualized role and stagnant energy until she becomes too old and is no longer viable.  On the other side of this concept are the extreme feminist ideals imitating the yang driven men which once again serve to harden women and strip away their true power of embodied Grace.  We must return to the softness – fighting with anger and contempt takes us further from the ideals of our feminine energy.

A deep anger begins to boil within when we do not address the environment that surrounds us and how our own inner darkness helps to construct the prison we find ourselves in.  By severing us from our connection to our feminine energy we become naturally unbalanced – depending on certain aspects more than necessary and others not at all.  Can you see how the world mirrors this unbalance?  In order to regain this equilibrium we need to acknowledge and recognize the patterns of control and indoctrination which create these diseased psyches in the first place.

We are missing Grace – a key element to feminine energy.  A concept that is ridiculed and belittled in a culture which honors speed, sex, drugs and unaccountability.  So often the notion of Grace is globed into religious texts and it is then rejected out of spite for religious concepts.  Or even worse Grace is mistakenly thought of as a female gender quality only, due to the misconception of female energy and its relation to both males and females alike.  I speak of a Grace which is carried on the breathe of a flower awakening to the morning dew; a Grace which gently lays its golden silken energy atop your shoulders and supports you in times of darkness or grief; a Grace which unites us all under one mother and connects us to the deepest souls of one another.  If we each embodied Grace – truly listened to others, helped others even at our own detriment, treated animals as though they have souls (they do, and they cry in silent desperation), loved ourselves unconditionally – if we take the steps to do this on an INDIVIDUAL level then we would see it expand to a GLOBAL level.

Perhaps we can re-claim the natural universal cycles of energy that we have been robbed of.  Perhaps women can grow older comfortably; knowing that with each new year brings more wisdom, reverence and respect.  That women and men can be seen as more than just a sexual object to be used and discarded but rather as a divine being who’s sexual energy can be used as a force of good, light and love.  Perhaps our elders will be revered – they know the journey, they carry with them the astuteness of life – instead of being put on the path to death by fools too ignorant to know what they help to destroy.

I leave you today with a hope and a wish.  We are constantly bombarded with judgment, criticism, negativity and condemnation.  All any of us wants (including the animals) is to be loved and accepted for who we think we are unconditionally.  I have been looking at the world through angry eyes myself – lost in the sea of despair that threatens to encompass us all if we let it.  Sometimes it is hard reading story after story of prejudice and hate without your own anger at the injustice of it all consuming you.  Always stay informed, but also take the time to connect and bond with nature and remove yourself from the desperate plight of the world.  It is all Karma after all.  Go out and love one another, don’t let the hate of the world bring you to your knees.  You are a strong, divine and SACRED being and you, all by yourself, can transmute any evil with love.

As always, Be Safe!