Crispy Almonds

IMG_10002Banana_DESSERTSI usually buy raw almonds but every now and then I get a craving for a toasty, season crusted one.  Luckily they are ridiculously easy to make and even easier to experiment around with!  Make them salty, sweet, , hot, a little of everything, etc. ETC!  whatever tickles your fancy.

2 Cups Almonds (or however many you feel like – sometimes I only make 10 almonds at a time if it is just me enjoying them!)
1 TBS Olive Oil

Seasonings: try sea salt,  garlic IMG_10004powder, onion powder, a seasoning blend mix, cayenne pepper, etc!
Agave (optional for sweet almonds mixture)

Cut parchment paper to size of cookie sheet  & set both aside

Place almonds in mixing bowl and add olive oil + desired seasonings to taste (leave out agave if you are making a sweet mixture as it can start to burn in oven).  Toss until all are well covered.

Spread almonds evenly onto parchmented cookie sheet

Place in heated oven at 375 F for about 10 minutes

Serve in fancy bowl for a fancy time