Homemade Cozy Tea Latte

cupAs we all endure these latest HAARP induced cold spells (Global Warming-shmarming) why not treat ourselves to a vegan, sugar-free hot tea lattè!  I have been making this a lot lately and I find it is the perfect thing to drive off the blues and warm up without contributing to the electric companies coffer.

12 oz Organic Rice Milk (We like Rice Milk but you can use whichever non-dairy milk you prefer)

4 oz Water (NEVER tap water! Our communities are inundated with refurbished & reused water which has had toxic chemicals such as Fluoride (a NEUROTOXIN) and Chromium added to it as well as ridiculously high levels of Aluminum (Chemtrail run off), Arsenic, prescription drugs (expelled in the urine), Aspartame (a genetically modified TOXIN), and many other horrific substances.  Not all bottle water is safe either and you need to make sure you are checking where the water you are drinking is coming from and what is added into it)

HotTeaLatte1 TSP Cinnamon
1/2 TSP Vanilla Extract
Organic Raw Agave to taste

Organic Tea of Choice (I find that the cinnamon and vanilla go best with earthy teas like a Rooibos Red Tea, although Chamomile tea also is nice!  For mint teas omit the cinnamon and add a fresh mint leaf!  Lately I am obsessed with simply slicing Organic Fresh Root Ginger pieces and putting them in hot water to seep – SUCH a fantastic all-day tea!)

Bring the Rice Milk, Water, Cinnamon & Vanilla to a boil in a large pot on your stove top.  Allow the rice milk to thicken and “foam”.

Add tea bags (2 – 3) or loose tea & turn off heat

Allow to simmer gently without heat for 2 – 5 minutes.  Remove tea bags & pour into 2 8-once glasses

Add your Agave to taste (I like to add at least 1 TBS)