Refreshing Chia Seed Water

IMG_70012cupThis is a fantastic (and highly adaptable!) Mexican recipe we got passed down to us.  It is delicious, refreshing and PERFECT for a summer afternoon!  You can change what types of fruit go in and play around with different combinations!  I think a ginger & carrot chia water combo would be quite delightful as well!  As always, do yourself a favor and go organic!

1 Cup Dry Chia Seeds
5 Lychee Fruitspeeled & set aside
1 Kiwi Fruitpeeled & set aside
4 Strawberriescut off tops & set aside
Juice of 1 Lemon
Raw Agave to taste

Soak 1 Cup Dry Chia Seeds in 2 Cups warm water for at least 30 minutes

Pour soaked Chia Seed mixture into blender (you do not HAVE to blend if you do not have a blender available.  It will still be fantastic!)

Add Lychee Fruits, Kiwi, Strawberries, Lemon Juice & Blend until fairly smooth (we like to keep it pulpy because we prefer the chia texture)

Add additional liquid (water) as needed – you can add as much or as little water as you like for desired thickness.  We filled out pitcher until it was about halfway full of all liquid and ingredients – roughly 6 cups or so of liquid

Taste & add Agave to desired sweetness + Ice (if desired)