Sausage & Pretzel Dog

MainWe got the unsettling news yesterday that our local vegan sausage & pretzel bun place uses buns which are not vegan…ew!  So, here is a recipe for a truly vegan sausage and pretzel dog.  I will add a recipe later on for how to make the vegan pretzel bun, but for this recipe you are on your own!

1 Package Field Roast Hotdog Wieners
1 Package (or enough for however many dogs your making) Pretzel Buns – we found these at our local community health food store. Be careful, a lot of them are made with enriched flours as opposed to whole flours.
Condiment Ideas: mustard, veganaise, tahini sauce, ETC. (get creative!)
Veggie Ideas: spinach, lettuce, tomatoe, onion, garlic, pickles, olives, spicy pepper, bell pepper, mushrooms, ETC. (add whatever sounds good to YOU!)

sausagedogRoast wieners on a frying pan in 2 TBSP olive oil + seasonings (I buy seasonings from Trader Joes because they are all around $1.99 for a large container – 21 seasoning salute, dry basil, dill, garlic, paprika – add whatever speaks to you the most!) until wieners are browned and puffing / cracking slightly.  Remove from heat and set aside.

In the same frying pan you just used to cook your wieners, place an open faced pretzel bun with open end down.  Allow to pan sear for about a minute and then repeat on the opposite “pretzeled” side of bread.  Remove from heat and place on plate.

Add desired condiments, hot dog, veggies to bun.  We also sauteed some tempeh and added that and topped it all off with some vegan Daiya cheese & vegan sour cream.

Serve with fruit and a chilled glass of Refreshing Chia Seed Water!

Mmm Mmm Good!