4/19/16 514 am

Would you think we’d come to speak with you this morning! Of course! We the Woodpecker are very interested in your continued beneficial progress. We are well informed of the urgency of the situation on this planet right now. Are you? Do you realize how important it is to awaken yourself to the truths of Nature and the situation we all find ourselves in.

I don’t worry about things because I confront them. They control you otherwise, allowed to fester in secret, hidden hands. We ask that you begin to listen to the warning Woodpecker sings. We can see how the infrastructure is beginning to crumble at the core. Too weak of a plan, too overzealous in the insatiable greed of ignorant humans. But it isn’t just humans, there are many creatures who wield the hand of aggression and ruthlessly seek power over others. Once again we ask you to begin to see what is hidden and to vocalize your intent to begin to heal those hidden aspects of self and society.

Where were we all this time? We have been here, patiently waiting for you to hear our call. We won’t be ignored any longer, the situation is much too conclusive. We must all come together to be able to stand up to forces which want to tear us all apart. The final wars will not be over money but rather the soul’s freedoms. There is no external battlefield – they live for eternity inside the hearts of those burning to throw off the oppression of bounded hearts and minds.

Fear not friends, those with pure intentions and open hearts will always have a hand to hold and a place to go where you are eternally free. We invite you to awaken to your greatness and the truth of the situation at hand.

It may not be pretty, but it is necessary to everything.

We love you child of the light, love – the Woodpeckers