3/23/16 535 am

Hello sweet soul! We have finally gotten through! Just as we Zebra’s like it the best – coming in sideways, between the lines. We ask that you mimic this behavior when feeling down or stuck. When we rush head-on towards things it acts as a type of repellent. We are met with all the defenses up, all the artillery out. We are exposed in this way! We Zebra know this is a vulnerable position and we stay out of it! Instead we take a lower position – we humble our egos to the needs of self and the group.

We don’t worry about life the way humans do. We get very sad for you when we see how you walk around in a clouded illusion most of the time. This cloud holds a lot of collective fear. It is worse around more heavily concentrated populations. You call it “ smog” but what is “smog”? This did not exist on Gaia in her natural state. This is the belch of the technological machine. So it covers entire cities, clouding and fogging the mind with the negativity of a thousand machines past. We ask you to move through the fog of your life. Send out a beacon from which your guides may find you with. Stay strong and grounded and face the fears that halt your progress. Us Zebra are brave and we know you can be too.

We are very intelligent and we understand that a wrong move, even very small, can have dire consequences. We emphasize the importance to you of teamwork and in building a tribe that supports and nurtures you. We may blend together but each Zebra is an individual. We are unique. Each of our stripes describes another trait we embody. We are special. We would like you to see that you too are unique in your power and that when you come together with other like minded energies now greatness is discovered and cultivated. We have so much to share with you but most importantly we ask you to release those fears which inhibit your personal development of self. You are beautiful and perfect as a fellow child of Gaia, do not let this truth be clouded.

We love you ever so our humans friends.
Be strong, carry through.

Love always and forever, the Zebra